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Ukulele instrument made of 21 inch rosewood with four nylon strings

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€14,04 EUR
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€14,04 EUR
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€14,04 EUR


The instrument is made in Rosewood. It has beautiful veins, tending to brown and is very popular for the feeling under the fingers. More porous than ebony and maple, it slightly dampens the high frequencies, used for the construction of various musical instruments, due to its properties it has a very balanced sound, warm and rich in volume.

The soprano ukulele, which is the most widespread, is tuned - like other guitars of Iberian origin, used in Latin America and the Canary Islands - with a reentrant tuning, from low to high: G, C , Mi, La (G, C, E, A).

Good value for money, suitable for beginners who want to start playing a new instrument. Available in various colors: Blue, Black, Light Wood and Dark Wood.

Equipped with electronic tuner, so you can easily tune the individual strings.



Material: Rosewood

Type: Soprano Ukulele
Strings: Nylon
Color: Blue, Black, Light Wood and Dark Wood
Total length: 610 mm

Speaker length: 277 mm

Keyboard length: 255 mm
Weight: 500g
Certifications: EU

The kit includes:


-Spare ropes


-Electronic tuner

Shipping: About 7 days