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Skateboard various textures with Led wheels

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€48,90 EUR
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€54,90 EUR
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€48,90 EUR


The skate is available in multiple versions with colorful and lively textures, children have more choice. They can play in complete tranquility with the elastic and resistant board. Useful for beginners, they can indulge themselves in doing various stunts.

The weft is resistant to abrasion and bad weather, they have a good permanence. With polyurethane wheels and bearings at high speed and resistance.

The wheels are made with LEDs, as you turn the wheel you will see colored lights, beautiful to look at and useful at night to be seen.


Dimensions: 80x20x10 cm

Material: Maple and pvc bushing

Max weight: 100 kg

Including maintenance tools.

Shipping: Type 1 (about 5 days)

Type 2-3 (about 10 days)