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Foldable dog or cat bed. Easy to carry.

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€37,00 EUR
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€0,00 EUR
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€37,00 EUR


Premium Quality : Made for animals pet, safe materials, microfiber fabric, which is perfect for cats, dogs and other pets to give them the right comfort.

Privacy and comfort : Perfect for pets who like to stay safe and enjoy the right privacy.

Sleeping or playing : This kennel offers a pleasant and comfortable place for your four-legged friends to relax in home and to play.

Easy cleaning and maintenance : With pets, messes are inevitable. Thankfully, our pet bed is easy to machine wash ensuring it stays fresh and hygienic.


Material: velvet + sponge + cotton


S: 39x32x34 cm - up to 4 kg
M: 44x36x39 cm - up to 8 kg
L: 49x39x46 cm - up to 14 kg

Shipping: About 20 days