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Smartphone holder in aluminum alloy for bicycles and motorcycles

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€18,40 EUR
List price
€18,40 EUR
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€18,40 EUR


The support is made with quality and impact resistant materials. In aluminum alloy, you can adjust the size at will for all types of smartphones with rotation up to 360 °.

Can be used in MTB bicycle and motorcycle. Robust and practical you can safely use your smartphone as you want for all the various functions.

Stable and waterproof with anti-slip silicone. Easily installed on the handlebar, maximum device width 95 mm with maximum handlebar diameter of 31.8 mm

supporto smartphone


Material: Aluminum alloy + silicone tape
Weight: about 120g
Suitable for:
phone width ≤ 95mm
Handlebar diameter ≤ 31.8 mm
Feature: five stable points, non-slip silicone, mechanical telescopic, 360 ° rotation

Shipping: about 10 days