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Virtual bluetooth and wireless laser keyboard for computers, smartphones and tablets with mouse functionality

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€69,90 EUR
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€75,81 EUR
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€69,90 EUR


Innovative and latest generation model.

This Bluetooth wireless virtual keyboard is a laser projection keyboard compatible with computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Projects a red keyboard onto a flat surface for fast and accurate data entry.

Easy connection via Bluetooth 2.0 HID profile or battery USB, supports mouse mode. Connection via Bluetooth or USB cable (included).

Quick and accurate data entry and English QWERTZ keyboard layout . Detection rate above 350 characters per minute and low power consumption compatible with Windows, iOS, Android. The latest sensor module detects the position and movement of the fingers.


Light source: red laser diode.
Keyboard layout: over 19 mm tilt, QWERTZ keyboard layout.
Keyboard dimensions: 100 mm (height) x 250 mm (width).

Product dimensions: 90 mm x 45 mm x 50 mm
Keyboard position: 100 mm from the bottom of the emitter.
Projection surface: no reflective and opaque surface
Detection rate: 350 words / minute.
Control surface: any flat surface.
Work environment: 0 ~ 35 ° C / 90% RF.
Storage environment: -5 ~ 35 ° C / ~ 90% RF.
Dimensions: 38 x 75 x 18 mm.
Weight: 125 g.
External power supply: power supply USB / below 5V 1A.
Battery and capacity: Li-polymer battery, 2500mAh (max) at 3.7V.
Battery life: 6 hours
battery charging: 200 minutes.
USB interface: USB 1.1 & 2.0, US B HID Ver. 1.0.
Bluetooth: V3.0 (class 2), HID profile Ver. 1.0.
Frequency spectrum: 2402-2480 MHz.
Channel: 79.
Modulation: GFSK.

Package contents :
1 laser keyboard.
1 data cable USB.
1 user manual

Shipping: about 10 days